Rinderknecht Organic Farm


Beef, Pork & Lamb
With Flavor & Color

The Rinderknecht Certified Organic Farm is a small family run farm of 225 acres in Benton County, Iowa.   Our farm is two and half miles East of Van Horne just West of highway 218 and an abandoned railroad goes through our farm.

The farm has been in the family since the 1930’s.  We believe in farming the natural way without chemicals. 

Conservation practices include crop rotation and contour strip farming which preserve the land.   Grains grown on the farm include corn, oats, wheat, soybeans, and flax which all certified organic. 

The meat is lean, it’s tender, and it’s raised naturally with no antibiotics and no artificial growth hormones.  All animals are grass fed with an open pasture and organic grains including flax.  Livestock includes beef, pork, and lamb all raised organically from conception to market. 

Angus beef is raised on 100 % organic feed. Over half the ration is grass from organic pasture (April through November) or organic hay ( December through March). The organic grains fed are ear corn, wheat, oats, and flax. Everything is grown on our farm except purchase supplements of organic kelp and Redmond salt.

The animals are never given:

GMO feed
Ethanol by-products

 If you have chance drive by our farm in the morning during the first three weeks of June the flax will be in bloom and the wheat and oats should be changing to orange.

Angus Beef is sold by a quarter, half and whole

Berkshire Pork is sold by half and whole

Lamb is sold by the whole

Contact us for pricing and additional information.

Our farm is self-sufficient without receiving any government subsidies.  

Pride is taken in every aspect throughout the farming operation.

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